We believe our team leader, renowned Photographer/Director Tony Potts is the best person to capture your wedding.  Our company believes it is a privilege to be part of a wedding day.  Being able to capture the emotion and moments as they unfold is a joy.
You can relax on the day knowing that we have planned everything to do with the photography in advance.
In Tony’s words…..
“I am there to tell the visual story of the day and reflect everyones beauty in my photography.
I am comfortable with the responsibility of photographing in this stressful “one take only” situation because of many years experience under pressure and my love of shooting weddings. 
I can promise you that the photography will tell an in-depth visual story of your day and that I will be there for you through every step of the day.
It is my ultimate aim to see that you enjoy my photographs as emotions remembered as much as a photographic record of the day. I want the photographs to do that for you both every time you see them... forever.”
A face to face meeting is recommended to discuss your day, view sample wedding books, ask questions, and get to know each other over a coffee. We work closely with our clients to achieve the best outcome for both the photography, and the flow of your special day. We want everyone to have fun, be relaxed and enjoy every moment.
You may ask how this philosophy fits with the reality that formal group pictures are often required? Tony’s ability as a film director makes the organization of large groups of people a seamless, relaxed and a fun part of the day. 
Tony is an exceptional color grader. 
Any complex retouching that you desire may be requested and will be quoted for an additional fee. 
We happily offer our wedding clients access to a retouching  company based in New York at competitive prices. This company’s client list includes Vogue US, Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar US, Nike, Sports Illustrated, and Uniqlo.
Tony has extensive experience in shooting in exotic locations if you are thinking of getting married anywhere in Asia, particularly in Thailand, or in the US. 
Please see details regarding charges for overseas weddings in the prices and packages pdf which you may request by email.
There are no hidden or additional expenses after booking. All costs, including any special requests by yourselves will be clearly and concisely documented for your approval. We do not believe in selling add-ons.
Tony and his assistant photographer will whisk you and your bridal party away to shoot some beautiful editorial shots that will form the centerpiece of the day’s photography. 
This is the opportunity for Tony to do what he does best and these are the shots that you will treasure. You and your bridal party will feel energized by the fun and relaxing experience, and ready to rejoin your guests having enjoyed your time away with Tony creating lifelong memories and giving the two of you the opportunity to soak up quietly the magnitude of your marriage finally coming to fruition.
Tony shoots the editorial in a relaxed, fast flowing way that is only possible because of his experience and his understanding of the less time spent in front of the lens, the more spontaneous and natural the photographs. 
You will be amazed at how natural his methods are in getting great reportage imagery that reflects the happiness of having been joined in marriage only moments before. Moments later you will be rejoining your friends and family whilst very much in the mood of the day!
Its the opportunity to catch photographs of people having a great time mostly that has become a most rewarding part of the day in terms of the pictures we strive to take! 
True reportage photography that can be the gems of the day!
If you would like to talk to us about Tony shooting your wedding please give us a call or send us an email. We can meet over a coffee and excite you with all the possibilities and get to know each other.
Please contact us  to request our packages and price list pdf. We are happy to discuss all aspects of your wedding or put together a photography package that suits your needs or budget no matter how big or small.

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