Ask anyone who has worked with me, and they will say I have the enthusiasm of a kid with a new toy!
Working with me is never anything less than fun, relaxed and fast paced, yet at all times, professional.
Life is meant to be happy and it’s a big part of my job to finish each shoot with new friends.

I am proud to say that I’ve been in love with photography and all things visually magnificent since I was a child.  My Mother made me aware of the importance of light, style and sensuality.  She placed  enormous importance on making our home appear stylish and sensual, but at the same time liveable and above all unique.  She had superb taste and taught me a great deal during my childhood and teen years about, fashion, style and generally appreciating things of great beauty.
Judy Barraclough was her name, one of the most beautiful mannequins (nowadays called models) in the world.  During the 1950’s she worked in both London and Sydney. She taught me that “less is often more” and that money can’t buy good taste.  The best example I can think of is you could spend a million dollars on looking good, but a pair of blue jeans, a white t-shirt and a pair of sneakers in the appropriate environment would win hands down in the style department!

I’ve been shooting and directing all my adult life. I know nothing else. I love it and almost everything I look at, I look at in terms of light and form, sensuality and timing, and more importantly the desire to photograph or film it.  There have been so many times in my life that I’ve taken a shot with my head because I didn’t have my camera with me, but it doesn’t worry me because as far as I am concerned I HAVE taken the shot.

Whether it be Art, Fashion, Film or Food, photography is an expression of how a photographer/director sees and interprets life. 
My decades of shooting and directing have given me a great deal of knowledge and experience in all manner of situations.  I am proud of that. 
I do my very best to create photographs that are spontaneous but with a sense of balance and beauty. I think this comes naturally from my life of taking images for fashion magazines and directing television commercials. 

My life now as a photographer and film director has never been more rewarding.. I’m finally reaping the rewards of many years of either shooting fashion or directing television commercials, shooting beautiful weddings in beautiful locations, or simply shooting a travel story for myself.  I hope I bring an enormous amount of enthusiasm to every shoot. 

As a fashion photographer now,  I am more inspired and emotionally curious thanks to my film directing and wedding photography.

As a film director now,  I am more skilled in my ability to connect with the talent and dramatically cut down the time it takes to shoot scenes, thanks to my work as a videographer and fashion photographer.

Directing Television Commercials
Over the years
I have developed a unique and distinctive approach especially suited to directing hair, beauty and testimonial commercials.  I have directed spots worldwide for clients such as Procter and Gamble, Lever & Kitchen and L’Oreal. 
I have worked extensively in Asia, Europe, North and South America, Australia and New Zealand.
My past experience in front of the camera allows me a unique understanding of how best to inspire that feeling of reality and simplicity, and my photographic eye ensures achieving a sensual imagery.

Fashion photography
My entire life has been associated with the camera, almost from birth.  My mother, Judy Barraclough,  was a famous model during the 1950’s & 60’s , my uncle, David Potts, was one of Australia’s best known photographers of the 1940’s & 50’s.
My career began as young fashion model exploring the world.  I worked with such world renowned fashion photographers as Helmut Newton, Denise Piel, Patrick Demarchelier, Albert Watson, Toscani and many others.  The images appeared in most of the major fashion magazines in Europe, England and America...”I kept my mouth shut and my eyes and ears open”.

The knowledge and experience I gained working with these greats of the fashion industry,  inspired me to get behind the camera and develop my own shooting style.  I studied at the Australian Centre of Photography, and landed a job as an assistant to the great Patrick Russell,  who at the time was the favoured photographer and senior art director for Vogue Australia.  Fashion photography consumed my life for the next few decades .
I continue to enjoy a full and satisfying career directing hair and beauty television commercials and shooting fashion, weddings and travel stories.

My clients include:
Lisa Ho, Club Med, Avon, Country Road, Swan Lager, Schick Razor Blades, New Zealand Rail, Great Keppel Island Resort, Bonds, SMI Hotel Group, Singapore Telecom, Ascot Races, Sunsilk, Toohey’s Beer, Listerine, Andronicus Coffee, Perth City, Burswood Casino, Lisa Ho Designs (cinema), Cleo magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Wella, Panadol, Kodak, Kolotex Voodoo (cinema), Organics Hair, Ferrero Rocher, Pantene, Lux, Head & Shoulders, Singapore Telecom, Essance beauty products, Apple Computers, Puteri Beauty and Hair Products, Sure & Natural, Nescafe, OUB Bank, Raffles City, Sportsgirl, Toyota, Nivea, Dove, Tiger Beer, Nestle, SKII, Raffles Hotel Singapore, McDonalds, Hong Kong Prudential Insurance, Swan Beer, L’Oreal, Regenerist, Garnier, Olay, Ponds, Surf Fabric Conditioner, Garnier Nutrisse, Take us To Thailand to name a few.
Magazines include:
Vogue, Vogue Bride, Harpers Bazaar, Cleo, Cosmopolitan, Real Weddings, New Woman, Karen, Inside Sport, Black&White Magazine, Follow Me Magazine.

All works copyright to Tony Potts 
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